Priority Areas

     Arts and culture priorities

  • Improving public awareness and support of arts and culture
  • Increasing access to--and awareness of--the arts
  • Supporting effective arts in education

    Civic affairs priorities

  • Improving neighborhood quality of life
  • Encouraging preservation/education of area history
  • Supporting appropriate community development planning
  • Promoting workforce development
  • Advancing Leadership training for youth and adults
  • Supporting emergency preparedness and disaster planning and education

    Environment priorities

  • Building citizen awareness and participation in responsible growth
  • Strengthening environmental organizations
  • Supporting education about environmental issues

    Education priorities

  • Supporting career planning and career awareness initiatives
  • Strengthening community/education/parent involvement
  • Bolstering awareness and support of early education initiatives and community involvement

    Health priorities

  • Supporting health care for the indigent and uninsured
  • Improving care for people with chronic medical conditions
  • Supporting preventive disease management
  • Animal Welfare issues
    Family, Child, and Social Welfare priorities

  • Assisting the chronically poor
  • Building organization capacity to meet area housing and social welfare needs
  • Helping agencies respond to public policy changes
  • Strengthening families and meeting needs of at-risk children

We look for creative programs designed to meet the community needs, address public policy issues, or test new ideas. As the needs for Shenandoah County change and evolve, we may also adjust our grant making priorities.

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